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A Sentence Apart
Theo Rigby
The United States imprisons more people, per capita, than any country in the world - A Sentence Apart follows three families as they cope with the infinite ripple effects of incarceration in the U.S.
I'm Just Anneke
Jonathan Skurnik
A family accepts their gender nonconforming child just as she is.
Nine to Ninety
Juli Vizza and Alicia Dwyer
89 YEAR-OLD Phyllis challenges the taboo of talking about death as she and her family make a surprising decision about end-of-life care. This beautiful, intimate short documentary provokes critical questions about how to...
Saving Jackie
Selena Burks-Rentschler
A recovering drug addict struggles to develop healthy relationships with her adult daughters.
Split: A Film about Divorce - through Kid's Eyes
Ellen Bruno
A Film about Divorce - through Kids' Eyes
No Dumb Questions
Melissa Regan
Uncle Bill is becoming a woman in this funny and touching exploration of gender and sexuality through the eyes of 6, 9 and 11 year old sisters.
The Last to Know
Bonnie Friedman
The ground breaking film on alcoholism, prescription drug abuse and women.
Old People Driving
Shaleece Haas
Two elderly men confront the end of their driving years.
Special Circumstances In English and Spanish with subtitles in English
Marianne Teleki
Special Circumstances follows former political prisoner, Hector Salgado, back to Chile to confront his perpetrators.
Writ Writer
Susanne Mason
How a self-taught Texas prisoner sparked historic prison reform.

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