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Trust: Second Acts in Young Lives (78 minutes)
Nancy Kelly
What happens in this teen theater company will amaze you.
Becoming American
Ken Levine
A Hmong refugee family resettles in the United States: Culture shock, prejudice and gradual adaptation.
When the Light's Red
Keith Wilson
You're stopped at an intersection, and someone with a sign asks for money. What do you do? Do you give them change or do you stare straight ahead pretending they're not there?
Rebels with a Cause - 57 minute version
Nancy Kelly
They were unpaid and they were crazy. They were REBELS WITH A CAUSE. How a battle over land changed the American landscape forever.
Amie Williams
Sixteen children have been diagnosed with leukemia in Fallon, NV, and sadly three have died. While officials, scientists, and journalists descend, the film probes the loaded question of a "cancer cluster".
City of Borders
Yun Suh
Israelis and Palestinians find an island of peace at Jerusalem's only gay bar.
Embracing Our Sexuality
Mark Lipman
Women talk about their sexuality
It's Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues In School
Debra Chasnoff
The ground- breaking documentary that has inspired thousands of schools to pro-actively address anti-gay prejudice by by incorporating age-appropriate lessons into K-12 curricula.
Prodigal Sons
Kimberly Reed
PRODIGAL SONS, "a whiplash doc by an exciting new talent" (SF Weekly), was selected by VIDEO LIBRARIAN as one of the top films of the year, landed on ten more similar lists, and won 13 awards, including the FIPRESCI prize....
Tales of the Waria
Kathy Huang
Four transgender women search for love and intimacy in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country.

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