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Deep Down: A story from the heart of coal country
Jen Gilomen & Sally Rubin
Beverly and Terry grew up like kin on opposite sides of a mountain ridge in eastern Kentucky. Now in their fifties, the two find themselves in the midst of a debate dividing their community and the world: who controls,...
Los Trabajadores/ The Workers
Heather Courtney
The American paradox of immigrant labor
The Last Atomic Bomb
Robert Richter
Age ten and hiding in a Nagasaki shelter near ground zero when the bomb dropped, Sakue Shimohira survived to wage a personal campaign — joined by student activists — to abolish all nuclear weapons.
Mr. Cao Goes to Washington
Leo Chiang
An idealistic rookie challenges politics polarized by race and partisanship.
La Caminata
Jamie Meltzer
Revealing the other side of the immigration debate.
Kicking High in the Golden Years
Grania Brolin
Managing the changes of advancing years
Eager For Your Kisses, Love and Sex at 95
Liz Cane
A 95-year-old man's determination to keep love and sex in his life
Never Enough
Kelly Anderson and Allison Lirish Dean
Do you own your stuff or does it own you?
She's Just Growing Up, Dear
Julia Tell
Coping with incest and abuse
War Don Don
Rebecca Richman Cohen
Through the trial of a rebel leader in Sierra Leone, a nation faces its wartime past. Now international justice is on trial for the world to see.

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