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Betty Tells Her Story
Liane Brandon
The classic film about beauty, identity and a dress.
Yidl in the Middle: Growing Up Jewish in Iowa
Marlene Booth
Identity and being different
Home Economics: A Documentary of Suburbia
Jenny Cool
As mortgage market "meltdowns" and the environmental crisis bespeak its wider consequences, HOME ECONOMICS bursts the bubble of the American Dream of homeownership and reveals the deep human costs of suburbanization and...
Laramie Inside Out
Bev Seckinger
Laramie Inside Out explores the aftermath of Matthew Shepard's 1998 gay-bashing murder in the filmmaker's Wyoming hometown.
The Boy Game (No Profanity)
Deirdre Fishel
Tackling bullying among boys at its core: the cult of toughness and silence boys live by.
It Happens To Us
Amalie R. Rothschild
The classic film plea for women's right to choose
By Invitation Only
Rebecca Snedeker
A brave critique of an alluring family tradition
A Day's Work, A Day's Pay
Jonathan Skurnik
A Day's Work, A Day's Pay follows three welfare recipients in New York City from 1997 to 2000 as they participate in the largest welfare-to-work program in the nation.
Home to Tibet
Lisa Merton
A Tibetan refugee returns to his occupied homeland
No Dinosaurs in Heaven
Greta Schiller
A film about Noah's Flood, the Grand Canyon, and why we need to keep science in and religion out of our public schools. Featuring Dr Eugenie Scott and NYC public school teachers. Recommended by AAAScience, Video Librarian,...

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