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The Self-Made Man
Susan Stern
Nominated for two national Emmy Awards, The Self-Made Man explores issues of aging, the right to die, and family dynamics through the story of a sane "self-made man" who takes his own life.
Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy
Alice Elliott
Two remarkable advocates for people with disabilities - Diana Braun, who has Down Syndrome, and Kathy Conour, who has cerebral palsy - met four decades ago and vowed to fight for independent lives.
The Last Atomic Bomb
Robert Richter
Age ten and hiding in a Nagasaki shelter near ground zero when the bomb dropped, Sakue Shimohira survived to wage a personal campaign — joined by student activists — to abolish all nuclear weapons.
My So-Called Enemy
Lisa Gossels
Everyone has a story: A coming-of-age film about the power of empathy to overcome personal, political & religious divides.
Rebels with a Cause - 57 minute version
Nancy Kelly
They were unpaid and they were crazy. They were REBELS WITH A CAUSE. How a battle over land changed the American landscape forever.
When I Came Home
Dan Lohaus
An Iraq veteran's struggle for survival after returning from the war
Uncommon Ground
Amie Williams
Uncommon Ground explores the critical voice of youth between South Africa and the US. The film looks at young people coming of age in two different areas of the world, and the mutual discovery that takes place.
The Boy Game (No Profanity)
Deirdre Fishel
Tackling bullying among boys at its core: the cult of toughness and silence boys live by.
Immigrant Nation!: The Battle for the Dream
Esau Melendez
The story of the immigrant rights movement and the story of single mother and activist Elvira Arellano who is fighting against her deportation.
Five Days to Change the World
Robert Richter
Student activists at the largest world peace conference in history take charge of their own destiny.

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